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World Wide Black Jews

World Wide Black Jews is representing and promoting African Jewish identity. We represent a network of African Jewish communities accross the world. Nigeria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ouganda, Mali, Ghana, Ethiopia
The headquarters International (Center) is in Nigeria in IGBO-LAND
Because African Judaism has a rich history, it will serve as the basis for the first concerns that the Center will address. The Center will to shed light on why the Black Jews of Africa face obstacles of acceptance in the wider Jewish community which, in general, the Jews do not face. Addressing such matters will serve as the theoretical and national backdrop for the concerns of the Center. Besides tracing the presence of jews since biblical times, many practioners of the religion of Moses say there are making areturn to their jewish origins, while centuries had distanced them from the rest of their people.
The Black Jews of Africa must contend with an invisibility as the socio-
religious level—an invisibility which alsoextends to the academic world. Once consequence of this is that little, if any, attention is paid to the problems that Black Jews in Africa routinely encounter. While there are numerous centers and professorships devoted to Judaism, none focus upon the issues that pertain to Black Jews as a unique category. In fact, White jew has routinely ignored Blacks jews as a social category with their own unique experiences. This very practice makes it impossible to address the religious experiences of blacks as such. Thus, in contrast those pays which embrace the Treaty of Blacks jews. It is no surprise, then, that blacks constitute the group of people who are absent from any form of institutional study. And it is this institutional invisibility that distinguishes from many other countries. And we are focusing on integrating conferences and meetings on the level of all African countries. Our wish is that World Wide Black Jews could see their cultural and religious rights respected, and could be part of the success of their own country at all levels. The same is true from our point of view, for all African Jewish communities, each one within their contexts.

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