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Why FJN did not call to protest ?

On the evening of the rally, a strong image of the Republic’s unity against hatred and barbarism and those who would like to destroy democracy by the street when President Emmanuel Macron and the presidents of the parliament and the senate filed, together,
a sheaf at the Holocaust Memorial. Today is the crux of the problem. How to fight effectively against the vertiginous rise of anti-Semitism when one in 10 French said he had never heard of the Holocaust.
Ignorance of the Nazi extermination of six million Jews during the Second World War
world reaches 19% among 18- to 34-year-olds, according to Ifop survey
These times, one would have thought they belonged to a barbaric past and that never againno one would lose his life just because of being Jewish.
The enemy we are fighting against is not only hate in all its forms, but more
fundamentally, the negation of the Holocaust.
This denial of the Holocaust paralyzes us and prevents us from doing what is right even when we know that this denial of the Shoah is a dangerously contagious virus, at a time when we are, more than ever, both more connected and less attentive to each other.
Worse among the youngest, the lack of knowledge of the Holocaust period is accompanied by a reduced sensitivity to the fight against anti-Semitism.
FJN denounces indifference to the Holocaust even within the Jewish community.

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