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Whites did not “civilize” Africa

Ethiopia knew of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, centuries before most of the world.
North Africa saw the formation of the first universities in the world.
St Augustine was North African. As were the Roman Emperors of the Severus Dynasty.
Maimonides was North African. As were Averoes, Ibn Arabi, Ibn Batuta, and so many major thinkers who made a global impact , at a time when Europe was vastly illiterate.
The modern languages of Mathematics, Geography, Medicine, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Linguistics, and the empirical scientific method can be easily traced back to Africa. Hausa Fulani and Mandiga political philosophy was a major contribution to the modern understanding of human rights. East and South African nations have been trading with India and China long before Europeans arrived there. Africans in the Diaspora inherited from that rich history. The brutality with which Africans were treated in the West did not allow them to carry that heritage with pride, but as muzzled and denied as it might have been, that heritage was there nonetheless. It’s not from the Whites that Afro Americans heard about Christianity or Judaism, or Islam. The descendants of Congo in the Americas came with a history already aware of Christianity as early as the Middle Ages.
Their monarchy, known as the Manikongo, lasted until early in the 20th Century with Alvaro XV Alfonso Nzinga. They had ruled as Christians since the 15th century.
But their Christianity was different from its European counterpart.
Many Igbo Jews from what is today Nigeria, were forcibly brought to the Americas.
The fact that we find a strong identification to the Hebrew narrative in Black Christian Gospel is therefore not surprising. On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean we find a similitude of language and symbology pointing to a history where these cultural contexts mingled on the African continent. Islam was part of the discussion at the time of the creation of the United States of America. It was the Moroccan Empire, which supported Americans in their indépendance bid from Great Britain. In other words, it was Africa that freed America from British Colonialism. With World War 2 we can see it was Africa who took down the fascist forces of Mussolini, when they fell before Ethiopian resistance. This lead to the defeat of the German 3rd Reich. Millions of Black men, from Africa and the Americas participated in the defeat of the White Supremacist forces, and were the first soldiers to free the victims of German slave labor and ethnic cleansing camps.
The Blacks who risked and gave their lives in the war against fascism came from a long history of similar enmity.
Haiti was a nation first set as a labor and ethnic cleansing camp. Millions of people died to torture slavery experimentations and massacre for no other reason than racist discrimination.  When Morocco broke diplomatic relations with the Southern States because of their practice of slavery, the legitimacy of the US was at stake, and the civil war broke out. Moroccan troups were sent to fight on the side of the Northern States, and contributed to the military defeat of the Confederates.
Many American Blacks did not come from a history of slavery but of fighting slavery.
The fact that White culture insists on identifying blackness with slavery has to do with covering, confusing, and hiding a simple fact.
It was actually Africa that civilized the North and the West.
What they did with what Africans taught them is claim it, misunderstanding and misusing it. The global threat to life on the planet is the result of their foolish claim of unquestioned superiority over everything or anything else.
White man on the moon, humanity abandoned to doom, life forbidden to bloom, oceans polluted, air poisoned, wars and hunger everywhere, that is not civilization.

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