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The lawyer Jean-Yves Goeau Brissonnière passed away.

There are some people who pass through a lifetime who mark you forever.
The lawyer Jean-Yves Goeau Brissonnière was one of them.
The FJN has just learned with sorrow and pain of the death of The lawyer Jean-Yves Goeau Brissonnière.
A man who made us love France in all his soul, his spirit and his depths.
His memory will always honor the humanist ideal.
He is a man with a big heart who has just died. A lawyer committed to rights and justice.
He has contributed enormously to the fight against racism and xenophobia in France.
Intrepid defender of the FJN since its beginnings in the face of the condottieres’ ball and the zozos who traffic humanity.
He was not doing this for the glory, and his eternal struggle was to live together
and now he leaves us a less generous world.
The lawyer Jean-Yves Goeau Brissonnière, you were a legend, and legends live on forever.
The FJN offers its deepest condolences to Mrs Liliane GOËAU-BRISSONNIÈRE, his wife
Olivier and Catherine GOËAU-BRISSONNIÈRE, Anne-Marie GOËAU-BRISSONNIÈRE and Roland RYMER,Isabelle GOËAU-BRISSONNIÈRE,his children and their spouses,Fabien GOËAU-BRISSONNIÈRE,Marc GOËAU-BRISSONNIÈRE and Émilie DUCHATEAU,
Gina TIETZ,his grandchildren,Chloe, her great-granddaughter.


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