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The denomination “Black Jews”

Black Jews love their brothers and sisters of all colors
Whether you consider yourself “White”, “Asian”, “Black”, “Brown” or “Olive”, the Federation of Black Jews is your family.
The denomination “Black Jews” was chosen to respond to an invisibility produced by a social context.
In no case does it refer to an attitude of racial exclusiveness.
On the contrary, the FJN combats racial exclusivism of all kinds.
Philosophically Pan-Africanism, from which we are inspired, cannot be racially oriented, because Africa includes many ethnic groups which cover the whole spectrum of colors and phenotypes.
The vision of unity between all African communities requires a look that goes beyond racial illusions, and which leads to the contemplation of content of character, and not to false reading based on the surface.
Racism is a lie.
The results of this lie are catastrophic for all of human society.
Based on people’s skin color or ethnicity to create fictitious categories, triggers a chain reaction that affects all social relationships.
The Federation of Black Jews is present to recall that numerous and diverse Jewish communities exist in the area described as “black” in the world.
At the same time, we help the public to realize that this qualification is the basis of a common experience, which transcends national, ethnic or religious differences.
Our goal is to develop and enrich all strata of French society, by adding our perspective. We believe and believe that the perspective of pan-African humanism is a search for a planetary moral ideal, which raises the ethical standard to the level of an educated generation, and capable of making choices for itself.
For the whole European community, which includes many black citizens and residents, including a Jewish community, the presence of the FJN is proof of the need to find solutions that lead to more inclusion and participation, and this in all possible areas of societal space.

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