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Shabbat or the weekly strike.

The communities that make Eruv are the communities of tomorrow.
The Eruv is a limit around a space determined by individuals to allow carrying on Shabbat and living this day in community.
Shabbat is not just an individual act of withdrawal from professional activities, but above all a community action.
This action is expressed in the relationship to the other, by the fact that one cannot make the other work for oneself either.
Shabbat is a call to regard effort and fatigue as a truth that should not be denied.
To separate the idea of ​​work from that of fatigue, and idealize productivity as an abstract universe, is to invite the moral destruction of an entire society.
Shabbat is Judaism’s response to the account of the injustice of slavery, exodus, and the giving of Torah.
First Shabbat was given, and then the Torah revealed.
For Shabbat, as a community act refusing
the exploitation of the labor of others, allows the listening of a just law.
Today It is very important to join this weekly global strike, refusing to buy sell to benefit mass exploiters in all areas.
And at the same time this strike is joyful.
It allows us to reconnect with the gratitude of being surrounded by our families and our friends in joy and to use this moment of meditation to enrich our minds and our hearts.
In the realm of transformative positive ideas, intentional non-action taken together can have an impact that will be valued for generations.
Wisdom also means being able to take the time we need to acquire it.
This time is Shabbat.

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