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ROSH HA-SHANA: declare the Kingship of the Creator

Rosh ha-Shana is the time in the Jewish year when the congregation for two consecutive days offers prayers declaring the Kingship of One Hashem and One Creator over all creation. As such, this day of Yom haZikaron is a reminder that our actions are recorded in the Book of the Righteous or the Ungodly according to our merits, and therefore we must repent during the 10 days between Rosh hashanah and Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashana refers to the sacrifice of Isaac, which happened on this auspicious date according to the Masters of the Midrash. The Shofar symbolizes the ram which was sacrificed in place of Isaac. According to the mystics, Rosh hasShana actually symbolizes birth, and the Shofar the first cry of the newborn. These two days and two nights of the new moon are the start of the year for all human beings. Their temporality is expressed in years like the circles in tree trunks. The beginning of autumn when the leaves fall, when humans return to shelter from the rain and eat their harvest, is the temporal beginning of the year. The Tzaddik Rabbi Nahman of Breslev זצוק״ל made the teachings of Rosh hasShana one of the fundamental principles of his movement, and until today tens of thousands of his followers meet every year in Uman in Ukraine for the occasion of this Jewish holiday. The FJN wishes in its words to all its members, friends and readers all over the world SHANA TOVA OUMETOUKA, GMAR HATIMA TOVA, TIKATVOU BESEFER HAHAYIM. MIPI MELEKH HAHAYIM YSHTABAH SHEMO BEFI KOL HAHAYIM, VETITBAREKHOU LEOREKH YAMIM TOVIM OUSHENOT HAYIM

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