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Presidential elections in Nigeria

To Whoever wins presidential elections in Nigeria: put an end to the genocide of Fulanis in the Sahel!
From Tchad through Borno all the way to Mali, Fulani people are being targeted by violent groups, many of whom disguise as Fulani “Herdsmen” to provoke bloody retaliations against Fulani communities.
Boko Haram is an anti-Fulani violent group who already killed thousands of Fulani tribesmen and village people in Borno alone, and spread their hate campaigns accross borders all the way to Cameroon where tens of thousands of Fulani people live in refugee camps.
This intentional, most often disguised, strategy of confrontation must be stopped, averted and avoided at all cost.
More than military interventions, a global conversation needs to take place.
In this conversation, all parties concerned must participate.
Ethnic myths must be debunked, people must explain to one another who they are, and not allow ethnic stereotypes to replace human voices.
It is to its advantage that Nigeria is immensely rich in cultural diversity.
Fulani people have contributed to this wealth, with an intellectual legacy that rivals any other on earth, and their community is deserving of respect by their fellow countrymen everywhere.
Igbo people and Fulani people should not be cynically put in opposition.
Both communities have suffered from ostracism and manipulative division strategies.
Neither community has been protected from systematic targeting by hate-mongers, who do not have Nigeria’s best interest in their heart.
Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and Fulani people along with the many other linguistic communities in Nigeria, are beautiful people.
In each of these communities there are Moslems, Christians, Jews, and Traditional African practitioners of religion.
We hope these coming elections will bring a final closing answer to the inhuman scape-goating of Fulani people, and an end to abusing their name for political divisive tactics.
The name Fulani cannot be dragged in the dirt, and turned into the opposite of the philosophy behind that noble term, called Pulaaku.
Anyone with a drop of familiarity with Pulaaku can never accept to see Fulani people downtrodden and trampled upon.
The ones who benefit from taking down Fulani culture do not want to see Africa prosper.
Fulanis have Igbo friends, Yoruba friends, Hausa friends and many people across Africa, from Ethiopia to Morocco, love Fulani people.
These friends must not and will not sit quietly and see one of Africa’s crowns be treated with such contempt, brutality, and base tactics of disguise and retaliations.
Fulani people are brothers and sisters to us all. We shed tears with them in their suffering and share in their joy when they have peace.
We plead with whichever political party who will win the 2019 election to do everything possible to curb the dangerous trend of ethnic division which puts the beautiful cultural mosaïque of the most populous country in Africa.
Nigeria must set an example of peaceful and prosperous living for all of its communities, and the rest of Africa will look at it with pride and inspiration for generations to come.

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