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Pirkey Abot, the Epistles of the Fathers

Moroccan Jewish tradition requires that the 7 weeks of Omer be the occasion to read the 7 chapters of Pirkey Abot, the Epistles of the Fathers.
These chapters are an introduction to the essential principles of the Jewish Faith, as transmitted by the Prophets to their disciples, over the generations.
These principles make us familiar with the ideas dear to the Hebrew culture as a whole.
In Morocco, the Jews have studied Pirkey Abot by heart since childhood.
Every Shabbatot during the weeks of Omer, each chapter is recited by the whole community in the synagogue at the end of the Chaharit prayer, and the closing of the last chapter is done before Shavuot.

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  1. This tradition of reading one chapter of prikey avot on every shabbath immidietly after the omer counting startis also strictly followed by the nigerian jews.

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