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Panafrican Jews exist.

Panafrican Jews exist. They speak as Africans, like members of any other cultural group in Africa. The specificity of Panafrican Jews, is that they see the Panafrican Movement as the defining point of African history for our generation. It is from that point in time that Panafricans define their past. From the 20th century, when African Kings spoke to the world as a free people. When Africans stood against the factitious and divisive definitions of colonial thinking. Free from having to align themselves along any geopolitical polarity. Free to use their own definitions of themselves. Thus, African freedom became the model for world emancipation. Our African Jewish cultures make us brothers and sisters of soul with all other African communities across the world. We are a family; when we were oppressed, and we were liberated, we all felt it and lived it together. As Igbos or Yoruba or Hausa Jews in Nigeria, as Beta Israel in Ethiopia, as Lemba in Zimbabwe, as Moroccan or Egyptian or from any other African Jewish origin, we learnt that we are not only African. We are Panafricans. Because wherever we may come from in Africa, we are all part of the African Union. As african Christians, Muslim, Jews or Spirit Traditionalists from any African country, we are all part of this unity. We will not sit idly if any community on our continent is menaced by natural, or man made tragedies.  We will not accept divisive or racist discourse about Africans of any culture. Political leanings are not our concern. Freedom of choice in a democratic environment is an individual endeavor. But we believe that the African clocks began ticking together, and therefore Panafrican thinking must be well understood, and assimilated in our generation. Hashem bless the names of those who stood with courage for all of us, and showed us the way to love and dignity.
May we follow their example, their moral standards, and their relentless faith in the spirit of their fellow men to  eventually follow God’s ways. We shall never doubt the wisdom and sincerity of the sages of any traditional African culture, from any religious background, in their endeavor to create a better mankind, respectful of each other, and confident in the victory of Good over Evil.
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