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New immanent of African Judaism

Judeo-African teleology is the affirmation that Africa exists as a spiritual figure in the world. African Judaism, as an object of historical science, can no longer be defined only geographically, by its physical and cartographic limits, but it now integrates, in the unity of its spiritual figure, its diasporas of America, the Caribbean, Europe and Israel.
But this fact will be fully reflected by the subjectivity of the European Jewish reader only when he can give it the determination of a concept.
Formalism, in appearance, excludes all teleology: it is the refusal to define the practical principles from the ends that the will proposes.
Morality resides in the intention; she is all inside. Better, she is the very interiority. We can not therefore understand it according to its essence if we first consider action as it unfolds in the world, the objectives that action achieves, or the objects we may desire.
In this context, emphasis must be placed on pooling the continent’s Jewish cultural resources as the basis of the African Jewish personality.

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