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May All Mighty bless Mr Abiyi Ahmed

We wish divine guidance, strength, courage, success and endurance to the great country of Ethiopia, with unity and love amongst all its cultures and languages.
We wish Prime minister Abiyi Ahmed success on his mission to unify and bring peace to Ethiopia. May All Mighty God bless Mr Abiyi Ahmed and all the people of Ethiopia.
In today’s world and in today’s Africa, countries should not be divided along ethnic lines. The scourge of separatism, inherited from colonialism, must be overcome.  No one should threaten African national territorial integrity. Africa belongs to Africans, they should not be kept away from owning their land, because of separatist pipe-dreams.
We love Ethiopia, it is a country who resisted triumphantly and defeated the fascists, and lead the way for African independence and unity. Ethiopia will remain engraved in our hearts, as long as Africans will live.
This is why it is all of our continent’s duty to rally around Mr Abiyi Ahmed, and to support him in his endeavour to defeat the forces of separatism.
These forces of fragmentation operate all over the continent. They have different names, yet their goal is the same: to delay African unity, progress, and coordinated response.
We pray for Ethiopia, always.
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