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March for Mireille Knoll: Francis Kalifat is right.

FJN congratulates the president of CRIF for organizing the  march for Mireille Knoll.
Tens of thousands of people, including many personalities from the world of politics and entertainment, marched Wednesday afternoon in Paris March 28 to denounce racism and anti-Semitism after the barbaric assassination of Mireille Knoll.
The procession went from “Place de la Nation”, via boulevard Voltaire to the victim’s home.
Yes, Marine Le Pen, Gilbert Collard and Jean-Luc Mélenchon had nothing to do there.
Their presence is an emanation of the unconscious of the Shoa. People who do not know what it is. Other gatherings took place in several cities in France (Lyon, Lille, Marseille, Nice …).  This rally already had its precedent, that of Ilan Halimi where everyone came to look good only once in February 2006 and disappeared in the nature after.

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