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Logic of interlocution in Jewish memory

The Universalization of the interlocution in which the Torah is immersed cannot be conceived outside the regimes of meaning in which it is immersed, and which impose on it its limitations, both formal and contextual. If, however, as a process of self-rectification, it escapes being engulfed in the historical and cultural forms in which it unfolds, it is through a rhetoric constitutive of its political character. The Jew is then obliged to jealously guard all his memories, to evoke them incessantly, to repeat them continually, accumulating and piling them up in a global knowledge, entirely, present at every moment, ready to be applied, perpetually available. The Jew cannot and must not rely on his own personal semantic network, otherwise he will become an accomplice. Omitting to inquire into its conditions of possibility, it then becomes necessary to rely on an understanding of the debate, punctuated by an objective system of tracking. The process of abstraction, either from the particular to the general, even to the universal, can be read through the aporetics calling each other in the animation of thought. At a time of the decline of all humanist discourses and especially of the proliferation of Jewish categorial systems. Jewish categorial systems which update others borrowed from our own history, from other cultural forms which repeat more timeless questions. This, to educate by difference those of our time. In short, we keep repeating that we must establish a real dialogue, without having defined it. However, extreme attention must be paid to what is referred to as such. The word seems worn out before it takes on meaning. Already dishonored or defected, dialogue is one of those realities that we do not know. An example: We repeat a sentence which says: “France without the Jews would not be France” forgetting by the same fact that Europe would not be what it is without the Roma. We cannot therefore engage too much in the dialogue to take calculated risks with simply thoughtless concepts.

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