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Israel is welcome to the African Union

Israel has a land border with Africa with Egypt in the Sinai. FJN is among the millions of Africans who hail this very wise move by AU leaders. Dialogue and consultation are the only way to go. Therefore, the argument put forward by some that Israel should not be an observer in the African Union makes no sense. The second point is that Israel has a large African population. North Africans and East Africans are an important part of Israeli society. They are the second largest part of the Israeli population in terms of numbers and are expected to be the number one soon. Historically, Africa is inseparable from Israel’s chronology. Remember that the only name of a country mentioned in the 10 Commandments is Egypt. The Jewish people as a nation were born in Egypt. As a result, Israel as part of the AU makes more sense. But Israel should also be part of the EU, because the majority of Israelis are Europeans. We pity our few lousy African friends who don’t see as clearly and simply as we do. They have chosen political games and made questionable alliances with so-called progressive camps, whose only difference from the so-called conservative camp is that they attack African unity from the left. We are Africans and we welcome Israel as an observer and believe it has its place within the AU more than states which do not have continental borders with Africa and which do not have African citizens. On another important topic, the FJN also calls on the AU to come to the aid of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia in its national struggle against separatist forces. We call on and urge AU leaders to show genuine concern in the face of this continental humanitarian crisis, coming from the home of the African Union.

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