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From Israeli social space

© Stocklib / Michal Bednarek

In times of crisis, the social space becomes critical in order to collectively face the resulting consequences. In this context, it is imperative to promote the maintenance of social dialogue in terms of taking charge of the most vulnerable. The rules of prevention must be followed on a daily basis and readjusted according to the difficulties encountered by the population. The management of social relations in times of the Covid-19 epidemic is necessarily upset. As far back as my memory and experience of social work practices go, I cannot recall a period, however brief, when social work was not identified by social work professionals or social workers. other actors in society as a priority practice.

In order to adjust to the reality of social conditions, the challenge for Israeli elected officials is to organize means of analysis, alert, and reporting despite the possible impossibility of traveling. All the usual channels of social dialogue must be able to be mobilized in their operation. In all democratic structures, social activity and the protection of the vulnerable are the major priority.

The Maguen David Adom (MDA) and ZAKA are only social auxiliaries and not specialized entities in the field. It is nevertheless worrying that in a country so technologically advanced, we can still find isolated people in morbid situations without help. In Israel, people living alone have been the most sacrificed of this crisis.

In these difficult and confused times, with multiple subjects and issues, it seems essential to us that the political leaders of this government be able to strengthen their capacity for anticipation and action in order to best protect the most disadvantaged and to combine the development of relations. social. Rabbis and other zozos are not social professionals, but auxiliaries (supports) for recourse.

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