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Fascists among us ?

In the Mishna of Shabbat, Torah Sages called weapons “Insult to humanity”.
Those who promote violence hate and racism are the true ennemies of Judaism.
On Yom Hashoah, commemorating the tragedy of the Holocaust, an article on i24 news revealed that two Israeli rabbis made shockingly racist and revisionist statements.
These rabbis expressed admiration for Hitler, justified the Holocaust by saying the Jews who died deserved it since they did not want to migrate to Israel, and further made debased statements about supposed genetic inferiority of Arabs and superiority of Jews.
These statements have caused reactions of indignation from the political class in Israel and across the world.
FJN denounces these statements as being diametrically opposed to the humanitarian values which are the core and the essence of Jewish culture.
All Bible and Torah lovers everywhere feel that inflammatory statements such as these are deeply hurtful attacks against the dignity of the Hebrew heritage.
FJN warned many times that racism if left unchecked and unchallenged will wreck havoc in the social sphere.
Those who utter the unspeakable want to bring about the unacceptable.
Love of war and confrontation is hate of humankind.

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