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Edouard Philippe, Christophe Castaner and the catching up of time.

If Edouard Philippe and Christophe Castaner were successively Prime Minister and Minister of the interior at the time, there would not have been the wave of jihadist attacks in France in 2015. Narrating the past involves memory, and predicting the future involves waiting. Now, to remember is to have an image of the past, and this image is an imprint left by the events that remain fixed in our mind.
According to E.Durkheim, going back in time is an exercise that allows you to observe
changes over time from the most distant era to the present.
By their method: “detect, prevent, deprive and intervene”,
they mark with their imprint the order of the succession of perceptions in the apprehension which is so here determined.
Time is a subjective “reality” which defines our human condition.
But it is not subjective in the sense of specific to each individual. But it is subjective in the sense of “proper to the human being” and to the relationship that man maintains with others. It is therefore neither a simple objective course of things, nor a simple subjective form. As time is dilated by speed, it flows uniformly, from the past to the present although it is however reversible. Dramas are a certain awareness of time, a certain way of dividing change and think about it. The recall of dramas is not conceivable without chronology, therefore,without time perception. Their strategy is to strengthen national resilience, which explains our national approach in this area. This comprehensive strategy guides our efforts to enable them to better combine their efforts in the fight against the demons of the division.


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