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Documentary on the Black Jews

Mondiapress produces a documentary on the same major role that Black Jews played in the French society in Paris. This documentary is done for public viewing by Francophiles who seek to gain a better understanding of the major role that FJN played in the dialogue between people A. Researchers: 0. Diana Pinto: Historian 1. Efraim Isaac, Dean of the Harvard University 2. Shmuel Trigano: Sociologist, Paris X University 4. Elikia Mbokolo: Historian, Lecturer, EHSS, Paris 5. Aurelien Gampiot: CNRS researcher Paris 6. Maurice Dorès: Doctor, Antropologist Paris 7. Daniel Limor: Specialist Ethiopian Jews. Israel 8. Simon Midal, former president Bnei-Brit.  B. Jewish leaders 1. Gilles Bernheim, former chief rabbi 2. Roger Cukiermann, Former president of CRIF. 3. Joel Mergui: President of the Consistory 6. Sammy Ghozlan, President of BNVCA 7. Guershon Nduwa, President of FJN 8. Philippe Boukara, Historian 9. Alain Sayada: Israel News 10. Michel Zerbib: Journalist C. Others: Others 1. Marie Roger Biloa 2. Cheik Doukouré

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