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Critical Identity of African Judaism

African Judaism must be read patiently, its existence is always in the background of a painful memory: that of the historical traumas experienced by Africa and the Black world in general and the repercussions that these traumas have on the course of our time; then expresses with force and sometimes anger, all the refusal to see the past repeated again; and lastly, the desire to testify in Africa’s current night, signs that everything is coming to the continent, beyond the stories echoed by distracted observers, who see Africa as its only night. Thus, a reading of sociological thought will reveal transgression, subversion and marginality as an inevitable condition that founds the critical identity of African Judaism. The sociology and the analytic social sciences of Judaism in general and this, in a contemporary context where the prevailing epistemologies, the theories and methodologies instituted seem to echo the ideologies of the day and the social, cultural, political and economic forces that carry them. The question of African Jewish identity is considered here as a pertinent angle of attack to meet this dual objective. Today we see how much the thinking of the Jewish landscape is today involved in the socio-environmental developments of African Judaism. What are the forms of incarnation of the management of Judaism today responding effectively to a logic of common?

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