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Black Jews in France foresaw Dieudonne fiasco

PARIS – Although months have passed since the high-profile Dieudonne affair, the scars are still fresh in the memory of French Jews. But the black comedian’s arguably anti-Semitic salute was felt above all in the small black Jewish community. Led by Guershon Nduwa, president of the 250-family Black-Jewish Federation in Paris, black Jews have recently begun expressing their bitterness in the media.
Nduwa was aware of Dieudonne’s controversial shows since the early 2000s, he said, arguing that the performer’s latest anti-Semitic diatribes were not surprising. The black Jewish community repeatedly tried – in vain – to warn Jewish authorities, N’duwa said.
“As part of the black community, we have known Dieudonne and his shows for years, ” N’duwa told The Times of Israel. “We’ve been warning Jewish leaders for a long time. A handful of them listened, but the majority turned a blind eye to us.”
Nduwa said he feels angry and frustrated. “Now, I look back retrospectively and think that this mess could have probably been avoided if it had been dealt with at the right time. Instead, people in the Jewish community accused us of being troublemakers, trying to get media attention. How can we not feel bitter about this?” he asked…


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