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Black Jews and local politics

The world of politics, according to the Jewish sages of the Talmud, is a world of vested interests. The Jewish sages teach that one should stay away from the political environment, because it is poisoned from the onset. For African Jews, this teaching is essential. It comes to provide the individual with the notion of the sacredness of personal space. The personal space is where the encounter with the spiritual dimension takes place. Of course, one should strive for Justice and Equality. However, in the religious realm, these are found within one’s own reach, right inside their family or community’s dynamics. The Torah does not require adherence to political leanings to obtain divine blessings. If there are poor people in your neighorhood, help them according to your immediate possibilities.
Visit the sick, give charity, help the elderly, teach the young, shelter the orphan, comfort the widow, dress the destitute, feed the hungry. But to aggrandize the egoes of politicians by shouting their names, and carrying their posters is not part of spirituality. It’s only falling victim to a game where one becomes the fuel of arrogance and vexation. In Africa, too much blood has been shed over false political hope. Torah is enough to provide for guidance. Her commandments suffice to enlighten one’s life, and to give perspective on the world’s grievances. Torah gives us the necessary answers which are found at arm’s length to transform the world into a better place, one individual at a time. The bravado of politicians are vanity. They are humans, not divine entities. Politics are, like the desires for earthly power, riches and fame, just another test in human life. Those who concentrate their attention and efforts on transforming the values of their own hearts are those who pass the test. FJN the Federation of Black Jews, has for mission to help African Jews who are interested in the preservation and development of their ancestral culture. FJN does not however support any political party over another, and leaves this choice entirely to each individual according to their conscience.
Our only point of rallying, whether with the Jewish or non Jewish community, is cultural Panafricanism. African Jewish prayers and holidays, customs, study of holy Hebrew writings, is where we contribute. Political leanings are not part of our programs, we leave these to the choice of each individual.

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