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African ancestry in America

Instead of slowing the spread of the covid-19 virus, The United States remains the most affected country in the world with thousands of hundreds of deaths.
As the social climate has worsened and the pandemic continues to spread.
Riots driven by outrage have erupted in many cities in the USA, following the mass viewing of a video showing the brutal killing by a police officer of George Floyd, a Black American man in Minneapolis Minnesota.
These public demonstrations of rejection of injustice are happening in the midst of a general lockdown caused by the viral pandemic affecting millions across the globe.
30 million people are also now applying for unemployment benefits in the USA.
During this mayhem NASA is launching a rocket into space with a private partnership.
The indifference toward earth people and affairs could not have been illustrated more loudly.
While one part of America is saying “I can’t breathe”, another goes into luxurious experimentations in space travel.
As Bob Marley so aptly said: “…they riding on their ego trip, blasting off their spaceship, going miles from reality, no care for you, no care for me…”
(So much trouble in the world).
The treatment of Black people in the USA makes them live under a colonial regime type of governance. They are witnessing exactly the same ostracism as their African relatives in their interactions with the West. It must be said, and well understood, that the destiny of Africans on both sides of the Atlantic is irremediably bound as one.
When the Western countries want to get tough on Africa, Black Americans will be among the first to feel it. Because these Western powers consider them as Africans, and will not change that consideration. The first act of violence committed against blacks in America was the denial and covering of their African identity. This first act of erasure allows for real physical violence to occur, and mostly to justify it.
Someone who does not have a direct cultural link to their history is the product and the typical recipient of violent colonial treatment.
The history of African-Americans has been deliberately distorted to enable their tormentors to oppress them. The absence of reference to Africa is the measure by which we will know if this treatment shall continue or stop. Not enough people are making this necessary and redemptive link.
Those who do, already understand that nothing will change for Blacks in America, as long as Africa is not at the center of concerns and solutions for the development of their community. In America Black is not a color, it is a social category.
That reduction is only made possible when Africa is taken out of the picture.

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