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Africa, the West and the East

Some like to say that the West is in decline and that China is the next driver of progress.
It’s not about taking sides and making alliances based on confrontation.
For us Africans, the notions of glory and decline of civilization are established by social indices. How can we attribute glory to cultures or war periods in our history? Certainly East Asia has an ancient cultural richness which can contribute to the knowledge global in many areas. The peoples of Europe and America also contributed in the experience and the sharing of discoveries scientific and social. The American Civil Rights movement has had an invaluable impact on the African psyche. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that Mahatma Ghandi was inspired by the anti-racist and anti-colonial movement in South Africa. Even Mao Zedong was heavily inspired by the anti-racist movement born in Africa. On many sides, Africa has already made its contribution to humanity. So it’s not about “who’s the new boss.” Slavery and genocide are there to remind us of them. This idea of ​​”leader of humanity” is an aberration, and a childishness that must be got rid of if we want progress for all.

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